What is Fibreplex?

Anyone who colours or bleaches their hair knows that over time it can end up looking a little sad, over processed, and all in all, a little on the frazzled and dry side, well step in the new hair hero Fibreplex .

Colouring the hair, especially lighter, can cause damage to the follicle and in place of a glossy mane of beautiful blonde is a yellowing ball of fluffy hair with fried ends.

Fibreplex isnt just another deep conditioning product,Fibreplex permanently seeks to rebuild the bonds inside the hair, allowing for retained elasticity and strength, these bonds are often damaged during colouring, leading to drying and brittleness.

Ever sat down to brush your hair, and when you look in your lap you see a pile of broken hair? that will be the bonds of the hair that have weakened and snapped.

This products are just for fans of bleach, it can be used in any type of processing,including keratin of perming treatments, its lessens colour damage up to 94%

Fibreplex step 1 is mixed into the colour before applying to the hair, allowing it to work on protecting the hair during processing, its rebuilding the hair from the inside, aditionally i use BlondeMe bond enforcing lightener which has integrated bonding technologies in the already in it to protect the hair while lightening. 

If your hair is stretchy or dry after colouring then Fibreplex could be the rescue system you've been waiting for, you'll notice a difference in just one application.

Step 2 is applied at the basin after rinsing off your colour, and is left on for 10 minutes, like a intense nourishing mask.

Step 3 is an at home treatment to be used 2x a week to keep up the hydration and condition between colouring.

Fibreplex step 1 & 2 is a salon only treatment, it does add a little more to the cost of your colour, but the cost of healthy hair in your favorite shade, with as little damage as possible really is priceless.